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Ewa Szypula: Nude Portraiture for Women

Hello. I’m Ewa – an artist, writer and drawing teacher based in the UK. (Also: reader of books, lover of Balzac, like foraging flowers; powered by tea.)

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Photo credit: Pippa Rimmer

I love portraiture and life drawing – and in particular, I specialize in nude portraiture sessions for women. Over a two-hour session, I will capture a female client’s unique beauty in a series of charcoal, pastel, or pencil drawings – all of which she will get to keep.

Nude portrait by Ewa Szypula Artist
Nude portrait by Ewa Szypula Artist

Today, my clients include those who want to own a very special piece of art, and celebrate their own body by commissioning a portrait. Some women enquire about the possibility of nude portrait drawing sessions at their best friend’s hen party; my portraits have also been commissioned by brides-to-be who wanted to give their partners a special gift. Many more are simply intrigued by the idea of having a nude portrait drawn. Most often, I am approached by women who want a portrait of themselves because they want to enjoy the beauty of their own body, and the buzz and surge of confidence that comes from the daring act of posing.


Ewa Szypula Nude Drawing Charcoal

Ewa Szypula Art: The Story

It all started with requests for portraits from friends who were intrigued by the idea of having a nude picture drawn. I came to realise that a lot of women would secretly love a nude portrait of themselves – and many told me they would much prefer a drawing to a photograph!… A stylized, slightly abstract nude drawing, one which isn’t immediately recognizable as a sketch of your body and face, has the added element of plausible deniability; you can have it proudly displayed in your living room, and yet not have to admit that it is an intimate drawing of you, should you not wish to.

Photo credit: Elena Rossini
Photo credit: Elena Rossini

Empowering Women

The part of my work that I enjoy the most is when women see themselves in a portrait at the end of a drawing session. I love the privileged moment of showing a female customer how she looks in a work of art – and the look on her face when she sees the unique beauty of her own figure, captured in simple charcoal and chalk, is beautiful.


The poses and positions of my privately commissioned drawings emerge to an extent from a discussion between myself and my client; the resulting drawing thus bears traces of a collaboration between artist and model. For so many centuries, the art world has featured female models in paintings created mostly by men. For women to have the choice of appearing in a work of art drawn by a female artist, therefore, and to have some control over how they appear in it, is liberating.


‘Posing for an Ewa Szypula portrait wasn’t really like posing at all. It was a special moment between friends. I felt very comfortable and we talked and laughed throughout, in fact, I completely forgot I was naked!’

Nude Portrait by Ewa Szypula.
Nude Portrait by Ewa Szypula.

Ewa drew me for the first time around ten years ago […]. Now aged thirty and pregnant, I contacted Ewa to see if she would draw me again as a way of documenting my pregnancy. I am so overjoyed with what she produced – we had a lovely afternoon together and did several drawings of my bump and me resting in different poses, each one telling a different story. […] They will be so precious to reflect on as my body continues to change, and I look forward to showing them to my baby when he or she is older’


Prices for a two-hour nude portraiture session start at £150. To commission your own portrait, contact me at szypulae ‘at’ gmail.com.



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